An Exceptional Adventure!
Are you creative, responsible, open? We invite you to live with people with an intellectual disability. More than a job, we offer you an experience, an adventure, an apprenticeship that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Discover that every human life, limited though it may be, is worth celebrating.

The main route to working in Asha Niketan community is by becoming a live-in assistant/volunteer. This is someone who shares a home with people who have intellectual disabilities and other assistants; a home which reflects values of personal dignity, celebration and honest relationships.

According to your own personal desire, your skills and the needs of the community, you may live and work in a home, or work in an occupational therapy / production workshop. If you come to Asha Niketan, you will bring with you your gifts, your skills, your know-how, but it is above all you, as a person, that we are expecting. In Asha Niketan, being ready to receive is just as important as giving.

To apply to be an Assistant, please fill out the FMR India Application form .Please find supporting documents below for reference.