40 years celebration of Asha Niketan Chennai

We will be celebrating our 40th Anniversary on 22nd Feb 2015.

Details will follow soon…

3 comments on “40 years celebration of Asha Niketan Chennai”

  1. Ram Reply

    I reside very near to the place were the asha-niketan is located.. I was did some how managed to see the place couple days ago I was really impressed with lines written on the Banner Board outside the place as such.. The Celebrating the 40 years of LOVE.. And I took a snap in my cam and I managed to find the web site as well and I am here on writing comments to you all lovely guys over there ..Can I participate in 40 year celebration as such… If possible let me know what am I suppose to do for the same.. I am happy to do so…..

    I am sure the complete logic on this team was strongly rooted in Love ,, All the best guys for the same.. Keep growing

  2. Mary Bee Haworth Reply

    Happy Anniversary friends!!! I hope you are all well. Special greetings to my Prem Jyoti housemates from 1991-93 – Peter D’Cruz, Peter Daly, Ramesh, Gopi, and Dilli! – and to Amudha, Franci, Assiya, Veeran, Bala!
    many blessings and SO much love for your anniversary celebration!
    Mary Bee

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